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Middle Man Service (1 Viewer)

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Feb 26, 2012
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I will provide buyers and sellers a Middle-Man service free of charge when I am available.

Currently I can middle-man for the following games:

  • Everquest 1

How I will require the process:

  • Buyer/Seller agree on a deal and agree on using me as a middle-man.
  • The seller contacts me and arranges a time to deliver the Items/Plat/Krono/Account Information to hold.
  • When I have confirmed receipt of the goods, I will contact the buyer.
  • In the circumstance of account selling, I will require access to the accounts in question and I will verify any information the buyer requests. Before the funds are sent, I will change any relevant information such as the password or e-mail addresses listed on the account to prevent the seller from doubling-back after funds are sent.
  • After the funds have been sent to the seller and confirmed by the seller and I am given the green light, I will deliver the goods to the buyer.
  • Under no circumstance will I have my hand in the money at any point. I will simply secure the goods until the financial transaction is complete.
  • All communication at this time will be done directly on these message boards via either the original thread or PMs.

Under no circumstance will I be held liable for anything that occurs after the transactions are complete. I will simply offer this service as a protection to the buyer that I can confirm receipt of the goods to cut back on the amount of people selling plat/items without ever owning said goods and simply taking the money.

Update: No longer dealing with P99. Too shady anymore.
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That is a good question and to answer that I will say because I am currently a moderator of the Bazaar and I have the blessings from the owners and administrators of this website to offer it.
Why would you bother, and furthermore, trust someone to middleman with only 1 feedback?
They are both helping this portion of the community because there is always a high risk of scamming. Going above and beyond by offering to help reduce the risk with the Middle Man Service is an awesome thing they are doing. Keep in mind - the moderators of the Bazaar section aren't paid, we're doing it because we enjoy helping this community.

If you don't trust the mods, then you're always welcome to try and work something out with someone you do trust :)
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Bit of an update to the original post. I realize now that escrow service for accounts on P99 is not a safe practice due to IP checks and what-not and I don't want to be in the middle of it.
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