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Looking to buy EQ1 "Normal Server" acct (crappy or naked toon)


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Sep 30, 2005
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I am starting EQ back up, and I have 0 accounts, anyone have a crappy, or nakked high level toon, on any regular servers (No progression servers), and looking to sell it. Let me know.

If you want a high price for the toon, then don't send me a message :p


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Feb 8, 2005
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got a 90 cleric that is decked out in full lucid and all type 3 non-vis gear with a full aug set. Account has 8 years of vet rewards and its a good account for leveling toons up. I'd normally ask for $300 but for you I'd let it go for $150. You'd also be on my server and I can PL other toons up for you while showing off my AFK macros ;)

Magelo Link

Feature List:
-Epic 1.0 / 2.0 completed
-2280 AAs well spent
-Full Lucid Armor
-Full Up-to-date aug sets
-Most non-vis items are type 3 best in slot
-T5 Merc
-T4 Flagged
-Raptor LoN Mount
-Various Clickies over the years
-Full spell book with rare Auras

Transaction Info: Paypal only, can show character in game if required, Phone call REQUIRED before any transaction takes place (USA only).


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May 4, 2011
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Hey I have two accounts on Luclin/Stromm
90 bard full t4 all slots.
2200SC credits

85 monk

81 mage with about 400aas

around 800k plat on the account... if your still looking, I am the origional owner.

hit me up if interested..

200$ or we can work something out.
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Sep 13, 2005
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Hey Abyss, I cant PM but shoot me an email. I have many accounts to choose from, they may not be the highest accounts (chars in the upper 70's, may be 80, havent played in years). But I could give you 1 or 2 accounts (original owner), but you have to share your secrets and let me play with you :D

shoot me an email, [email protected].

(Yes, I dont care that my email is on here, it is already EVERYWHERE on the internet. Once I get an email, I will remove it)


Holy shit, I just realized how old this thread was......