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Level 60 Human Rogue (VP) + 55 Gnome Enchanter (1 Viewer)

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Mar 24, 2013
Rating - 100%
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Selling my account that comes with a:

Level 60 Human Rogue + 55 Gnome Enchanter (same account). Have both the login info and eqemulator info plus I've never set the SMS so anyone who buys will be able to have 100 percent protection.

Rogue has epic + best in slot off hander from VP + another very nice weapon from VP. Have keys for VP/Seb/HS. Rogue has tons of resist gear as well, full planar, and other assorted gear. Perfect character to raid and dominate with.

Enchanter also has full planar and tons of Charisma gear. Perfect character for farming Guk or Sebilis.

Rogue and chanter both have perfect reps and since I haven't played either in a very long time, they are both very low key characters.

Perfect account for Kunark and especially Velious, since Rogues are one of most valueable classes in velious. Perfect account also for vets and noobs alike, as rogues are very easy to play

Sold a ton through this site before and I have a perfect reputation.

$500 takes it.

Pm if you have any questions. Good luck
Price dropped to $400

Btw I am out of plat. Too many PMs to respond to so I apologize if I don't respond. Thanks
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