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"Lealdana" from here scammed me on red 99 (1 Viewer)

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Jun 26, 2013
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This guy scammed me "Leal". I was in contact with him for a couple days and he was acting like he was super scared of being scammed, said he himself had been scammed before. I finally parked the character in misty in a remote location and logged on my other account and let him on to verify items....we didnt make th deal that night and the following morning he said he thought about it alot last night and he is ready to do the deal...so i return tot he same spot....being stupid i guess. cause i actually thought about changing locations....well anyways he logs on the druid and then saays ok cool man, payment is sent. 2 seconds later he runs the char off the side of the tower thing we are on and trades my fungi and some resist gear to another account that he JUST had a friend log in....got away with my fungi and 20k+ in gear before i could kick him offline. I have emails confirming what i had up for sale and texts confirming what he was going to buy...and even him moching me saying "i feel bad ill send you 200 maybe atleast".

Sellers be wary about the following guy:
username: Lealdana
email: [email protected]
real name: Leal Aldana
phone: 7x4-xxx-3423
location: LA, California
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I was also hit by this fellow. Several weeks ago I did a transaction with this guy. He sent the money to my PayPal account, I gave him what he had paid for in game. He said "thanks!' after we were done. (We were using AIM to communicate.) The next morning he sends my girlfriend a friend request on FaceBook. I figured he was just being friendly since we had had a good transaction. So I tell her to go ahead and accept it. Then he proceeds to tell her that I had scammed him out of $200 yadah yadah (She has no idea how any of this works, so she doesn't give a single fuck about it). My FaceBook wasn't very private. So he was able to pull the names of all of my family members off of it. Since some of their information wasn't private either he was able to get ahold of their phone numbers and emails. He started calling everyone in my family and harassing them. Telling them I had scammed his 12 year old son out of $200 on an online video game. (Who the fuck would let their 12 year old do business online with a grown adult?). Finally he hit a sweet spot. Since one of my older brothers has a semi-successful business he was able to find the company name and phone number. He threatened my brother that he was going to flame his company name on Angie's List and other websites that he was employing a "scamming thief". Since I didn't want our family named "tarnished" over a whopping $200 I finally agreed to refund him his money.
The entire time he was claiming that I never gave him his platinum in game. Which I did. He repeatedly posted my full name and a lot of real life information and also a picture of myself and my son on the Project1999 forums. He even made a post on Craigslist for the city that I live in with a picture of myself and my son talking about how I was a scammer.
He's a con. If you sell platinum and see his name pop up on your PayPal, just refund the money right away and discontinue communication. I highly advise everyone to avoid this person.
This is why to use: OurPlat.com for your needs - we are 100% percent trustworthy and here for you 24/7 :)

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Just for the record. I began to discuss a transaction with this lealdana person via Skype about 3 weeks ago, and it got as far as discussing payment method. I said 'I use paypal gift method to receive payment only, no exceptions' and he immediately said "nevermind" and removed me from contacts.

Red flag indeed, good reason to only ever take unrefundable payment (such as paypal gift to family) when RMT'ing strangers on forums.
Thanks for the feed back

Depends on the service though with a toon a person buying the account could get screwed with no way of getting a refund of the person took the account back.
Thanks RedBot. Glad to see the admin here have our backs.
PS - The guy sent me the payment via PayPal Gift, but like I said above he pretty much blackmailed me into refunding him his money.
Never give people your facebook info if you can avoid it when buying game stuff.
Sounds like defamation and harassment to me. If you'd like to take legal action, I can get you his details. PM me.
I didn't give out my Facebook info. My PayPal ID just happens to be the email address I use for Facebook. All he had to do was google my email address.
Definitely not blaming the victim here, Lealdana is a POS, but for future reference if anyone runs into a vicious scammer:

Facebook -> Privacy Settings -> Who can look you up using the email address or phone number you provided?

Set that to private or friends.

As for Craigslist, they have a special form when your personal information gets posted:


As for p99, if mods won't help, contact their host:
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Just saying I laughed at uh - P99 and ourplat replies. I like these guys..

Sorry for your loss though, I've had it happen to me in the past. =/.
Yeah I had the Craigslist thing taken down pretty quick. And the Project1999 staff are very strict about posting someone's RL info so they took it down as soon as an admin found it (I didn't even know about it until the next day when a former customer PM'd me here about it), but I guess there was still time for some folks to read it. Some asshole even did a background check on me and posted my arrest records and shit. As for FaceBook - my girlfriend is usually the one who uses my account to post pictures of the kids for my family to see.. I had no idea that ANYONE could view all of your shit, so yeah I changed that asap.
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