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WTB Aradune Item Scavenger Hunt (list of stuff I need) (1 Viewer)


Aug 19, 2011
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Can pay in plat, krono, or whatever you like but I'm after the following items I will mark them off as I get them:

  • Spined Dragon Claws
  • Mistwalker
  • Shattered Emerald of Corruption
  • Mithril Disc
  • Harpy Tongue
  • Fine Velvet Cloak (MQ or LR)
  • Gridelin Globe
  • Dragon-hide Mantle
  • Spiroc Earth Totem (MQ or LR)
  • Djinni Statuette
  • Spiroc Thunder Totem
  • White Gold Earring (MQ or LR)
  • Thickened Nectar
  • Sphinx Tallow
  • Shimmering Pearl (MQ or LR)
  • Efreeti War Bow
  • Emerald Spiroc Feather
    Bitter Honey

    Circlet of Brambles (MQ or LR)
    Efreeti Long Sword

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