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Improving the Bazaar forum: Any ideas? (1 Viewer)

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Oct 15, 2004
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How can we make buying/selling easier to do in the Bazaar forum?

Right now I think it's troublesome for someone who isn't on P99 to find something to buy.

What if we split things up based on server? A few ideas on how we could do that:

a) Subforums for each server. P99 / Live / Test / Fippy / PEQ
Pros: Easy to understand for new users. Complete separation between servers.
Cons: Splits the community. Sales that transcend servers (krono) will be harder to advertise. Trading cross-servers is more difficult. And more forums, ugh.

b) Prefixes for each server.
Right now we have: Character / Auction / Plat / Service and so on.
How about replacing those with tags for: Fippy / Bertox / Project 99 / Red 99 / etc.
The rest can be filtered out with a simple click.
Pros: Keeps everything in one forum for those who like it all, and can be filtered based on server for those who prefer separation.
Cons: Usage isn't obvious for those new to the community.

Seperate idea:
Hard-code in more thread boxes. For example, when posting a thread right now you choose "Prefix" and "Title". We could also add "Server" "Price" and any other options you guys need.

Do you have any ideas/opinions on this?
Subforums would fracture things too much I think. Prefixes would be good, and extra boxes for price/server/class would be as well.
Alright, so here are the server options we'll list:

1) Live (all servers that allow xfers)
2) Test
3) P99 Blue
4) P99 Red
5) PEQ
6) Fippy Darkpaw
7) Vulak'Aerr
8) Trakanon
9) Vox
10) Emu
11) EZServer
12) The Hidden Forest
13) EQTitan
14) Dragon Soul
15) Shards of Dalaya

Am I missing any? And is it ok to lump all live servers together?
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