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Service Live (normal server) get your EPIC Starting at $50 or 5 Krono includes 1.5 Pre,1.5, 2.0, Prices very on class, Any live server/GEAR as well (1 Viewer)


Oct 31, 2017
Rating - 98.2%
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Buyer Requirements
📌 none
Must be lvl 105+ If TS needs to be done must have the plat to cover mats. $50-$80 or 5-8 Kronos Depending on class, If you want a Rogue done then it's $175 or 17 Krono

Group Gear Drinal /Luclin ONLY

LS - T2 full Set Gear Including T2 Weapon/weapons Or Shield of choice + all other drops Aug's Chase loot misc. Collects $80 or 8 Krono

Payment for services can be in the form of krono, or $$ via Zelle, Cashapp and Paypal (Friends and Family only).
Refund Policy
🛎️ None after completion
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