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FS: 52 Druid Cazic 14 expansions 45 days Free - $10 (1 Viewer)

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Caveat Emptor: UNVERIFIED
Nov 7, 2005
Rating - 100%
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Account Type: US
Server: Cazic Thule - Fennin Ro
Transfer Available: Yes
Race: Half-elf
Level: 52
Gender: Male
Account Active: Yes, 45 - Days from 27/08/2011
Alternate Character(s): 3 low level(20-37) bard, enchanter, war
Original Owner: No(bought in 2005, didnt play last 4 years)
Have Secret Question/Answer: Yes
Amount: $10 Paypal or 200k Plat in Firiona Vie
This is actually a pretty great deal for someone who wants to try eq out (or you just want another account). 10 bucks for over a month.

When the next expansion comes out and is bought it would have them all anyway.

One missing piece of info - How much veteran time if any does this account have.
This account actually 7+ years from /played,the first 7 Veteran awards are available.

(I do wonder what the hell the original owner was doing for the first 6 years as they only got up to level 52 at the highest, maybe just chatting, who knows).

30 days remaining free, but considering how old the account is, keeping the $10 price. Send PM.
14 expansions.. 20 bucks for HOT and you got a 7 year old vet account for 30 bucks, and 7th year vet is pretty much the last combat utility IIRC. Would be a good account to move toons from a RAF onto after you PL their AA, so they can get the vet stuff..

Well.. how many toons have claimed vet status on this account?
The druid has claimed the veteran rewards so the next character will have 6 rewards.

/played is 7 years 128 days
I am completely out of loop then. How do the Vet reward AAs work now?

I seem to remember a few years back it was as follows:

First character to claim Vet AAs gets n rewards where n=abs(/played) , in this case 7.
Next character to claim gets n-1 and so on.

In any case, the account is now sold.
If you have 7 years or vet rewards you can claim it on 7 toons 1 for each year. All toons get all 7 years worth of aas. Gratz on selling it hehe.
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