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EXTREMELY premium Puzzle and Dragons Account (NA) (1 Viewer)

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Apr 7, 2013
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so, i know not many people sell puzzle and dragon accounts on here but i'm trying to find a buyer for my particular account. i'm going to highlight just some of the details about the account. there is a lot more than detail than what i'm posting here but i just want to put what makes the account special here.

-rank 287 with 160 stamina
-5 total red sonia. 4 are max level and max awoken. 2 are max skill, 1 is +297
-max awoken devils include, da-lucifer (max skill as well), hades (max skill), belial, dlvd, satan, loki, gryps etc etc etc
-i have all but wukong for hero gods, Rodin, blodin, blonia, ra, horus, anubis, bastet, kushi etc etc etc
-about the only high end monsters i don't have are d.meta and u&y
-over 120 tamadra spent on this account for TONS of awakenings. almost every REM god i ahve is awoken and i have a lot.
-200+ friends and 500 + box spaces
-a HUGE list of REM only gods and a ton of things are max leveled/max awoken
-max skill hades and max skill da-lucifer
-tons of random monsters with + skills.

this account is well known and was the second hypermax ronia on US and has a ton of friends that feed 5-8 pal rolls a day easily. it is currently on android but can provide the iOS device change code whenever you buy it.

I'm looking for $500 for this account and will be using western union. i have feedback here on this account so let's work something out. email/PM me with questions and let's talk.
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