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EQmac Items (1 Viewer)

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May 10, 2013
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Selling a variety of EQ mac items , mid to high end stuff ranging from 5 - 30$ per item! PM me fore details
Hi there!

I just peeked at your thread replies and noticed you have yet to sign here.

If you could read over that first post and sign that would be amazing.


Some new stock is available , a few of the new items included:

Flayed barbarian skin leggings, white dragonscale cloak, Boots of the storm , Cloak of flames, Fungus patch vest , Spiked seahorse hide belt , Mask of Tinkering , Tolan's/cobalt/jaundiced/ blood ember BP's , earthshaker , Choker of the wretched , ring of lightning , wand of the war wizard , idol of the underking , Boots of flowing slime, Jungle spider fur cap , Zlandicar Talisman (ST key), Glittering ring of judgement x 2 , Crystallized Acid Pauldrons , Ironmail gauntlets , elbow spiked armplates, and more!!

Available to meet anytime!
Bump! still have many things available and can obtain most items if i don't have it, get your christmas shopping done early this year and twink out your friends and family :)
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