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Earn REDCENT(s) for Buying or Selling Plat at OurPlat.com (1 Viewer)

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Oct 11, 2010
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official-redguides-vendors.pngGreat news - OurPlat has enjoyed sponsoring Redguides in its progression on helping the EverQuest community. So OurPlat is now giving back to the Redguides community!

Here is how it works:


1. Buy or Sell Plat at OurPlat.com
2. Come to Redguides and Private message Blaven!
3. Provide the following information: Your email, Date of Transaction at OurPlat, Amount of your Transaction (Bought or Sold)

What happens next?

Once a week(or more) I will check my private messages and verify your transaction at OurPlat.com! Once your order is verified - BOOM ---> INCOMING REDCENT(s)

Redcents will be based on the discretion of Blaven and your past history of orders! We value repeat customers and try our best to continue being the #1 Supplier of EverQuest services in the world!

Questions? - Post below or private message me, I will try to get back to you as soon as possible!

"Red Hot" - Dont Forget to LIKE us on FACEBOOK (We do random giveaways) CLICK HERE FOR FACEBOOK LINK!


Blaven - OurPlat.com
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And yes, it's true we are giving away redcents, which can buy you access to Level 2.
Great News - Redcents and 10% off Plat Orders - Use Coupon - 47415 (Expires April 30, 2013) at checkout!

OurPlat.com is now selling KRONO's - check your server for details!

Enjoy your discount!

PRICES REDUCED - ENJOY - $7.99/100k on Regular Servers!

DOUBLE ENTRY until end of month for our Alienware Laptop Giveaway!

P1999 Plat - We are here for you 24/7 - 10 minute delivery or less

Power-Leveling - Give us a try!

Blaven - EverQuest or EverQuest2 - We have it!
Gtz to people getting Redcents for Buying or Selling Plat at OurPlat.com

We have 10% Free Plat - Great great service (avg about 5 minutes and 45 second) delivery! EMUs - EverQuest - EverQuest 2 Power-Leveling and.......

We are giving away a ALIENWARE GAMING LAPTOP and more..............

HURRY --- Time is running out!


Thanks again,

Just gave away more REDCENTS to people who bought at OurPlat.com

HURRY - 1 day left and TRIPLE POINTS towards the ALIENWARE GAMING LAPTOP and more giveaway!!

24/7 - Delivery in about 5 minutes!

REDCENTS are Flying out the door!!!

Dont forget - we are here 24/7 - with 5 minute Delivery to All Games, your support is appreciated! Dont miss out on your chance to get into the ALIENWARE GAMING LAPTOP GIVEAWAY going on right now at OurPlat.com!!

Anything can Happen - at Random, everyday orders are selected to win FREE PRIZES - check our homepage for details!!


PM Sent, Excellent transaction i had not even closed my browser and tab'd back to the game before your staff sent a tell waiting to deliver
I've used OurPlat two or three times (even left feedback on the page as well which I saw posted - it's incredibly fast (better than PlayerAuctions), I have no idea how I can get what I paid for 3 minutes after ordering it.
Bought game cards 2 nights ago fast as hell great transaction.

Very Happy you are Happy - we have 5 minute delivery, take pride in not making people wait in game for hours like others. We are one of the longest running websites serving your EverQuest needs. Spread the word, we appreciate the help!

Dont forget - we now accepting BITCOINS as a form of payment!


Are you still doing this? i've bought several million plat (SEVERAL) from ourplat in recent timeframe and have PM'd you but no response.

Let me know if you've stopped doing it and I'll stop wasting your time. :)
Bought plat and a couple of Krono of these guy's couple of weeks ago and Wow super fast was all done in minutes :) . Will be getting my krono from these guys till i can self sustain my own group. :)
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