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Crazy Fun Account full of twinks for sale (Fungi, CoF, SBC...) (1 Viewer)

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Aug 9, 2013
Rating - 100%
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Super fun account with lots of good gear and low levels (10-21) twinked out... I may separate the gear and sell it that way, but I would prefer to sell the account as is with everything...


Over 30k in pp, and about 10k in sellable items

Twinks: Well over 500k worth of almost all droppable gear such as:

Cleric Epic (60k), Flowing Black Silk Sash (10k), Cloak of Flames (130k), Fungi Tunic (100k), Sib Berserker Cloak (110k), 3 Iksar chest plates (70k), lots of Black Sapphire and Plat jewelry (20k), Froglock Robe, Jboots, Serpents Tooth, Woodsmens staff, Dragon Bone Bracer, Staff of Shielding, and more

None of these toons have any rep or guilds or issues- I made this account just to play with when I don't want to play with my normal guild and friends, and to impress low level wood elf chicks.

I just don't have enough time to play this and would rather just cash out, but I would open to some high level account as trade maybe, or who knows what else... let me know what you have and lets make a deal!
Please stop bumping nearly 2 month old, empty threads saying you're sending a PM. You can send a PM without posting you are. Over half your posts are stating you're sending a PM lol.

Send a PM if you're curious - If it is for sale and you work a deal, then link it back to the thread.
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