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Blue Plat 2$/k (1 Viewer)

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-Sent a PM by this site, gave my phone number.
-He sent me a few texts. Exchanged paypal info.
-Paid for 40k pp, ($80) via paypal.
-He did dropped contact after I sent payment.
-I looked up his phone number and email (from paypal and from this site) and came up with a similar instance on EpicNpc.com.
-I put in a dispute through paypal, which did not come out in my favour.

I messaged two mods with pics of the text messages and his personal contact info, facebook (he's 25 and still lives with his dad btw).

I would like to know how I can get him to stop so that he doesn't do this to someone else.

Thank you,

People like me make it easy. 22 years, active duty US Army, I easily put trust in my young Americans that I help defend and keep the war off of our soil.
Next time try buy from someone with feedback history. I'm sorry to hear that.

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Problem with those scammers they remake their account with vpn or proxy so it's hard to permanently ban them . We will just have to be careful .
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