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Beware scammer: teija (1 Viewer)

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Sep 11, 2013
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Title says it all. Beware of user "teija". I was foolish and didn't do my homework, but in short I made a post wanting to pay plat for a 46+ druid on p99. "teija" sent me a PM shortly after telling me he had a 52 druid stripped, clean name, solo'd yada yada and wanting 55k. I countered with a 35k offer which he in turn accepted saying the druid was his first char and don't play anymore and wasn't sure what it was worth anyway. We set up a time to meet in tunnel to make the trade. I was giving only half first then he was to give me the login info to verify and change password then come back and pay the rest. I gave 20k and he gave me emu/login. I went to windows to login to emu right away to change the info and I can't get in. I tried twice and realized it was either the wrong info or I obviously just got scammed. So i window back to EQ and he is already camped out and gone. Luckily he didnt get all my plat, but still got away with 20k which is a big enough deal to me. Don't let it happen to you. :(
Sorry Mr. Shephard, he's scammed before under different names. I should have caught the obvious proxy he was using to sign up. Will be more careful in the future.

Thanks for the alert and good job not giving up everything.
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