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Accounts Aradune - ARADUNE - WTS 50 Monk main: RBB, Wu's fist of mastery, RotLS. Same acc is 50 nec with blighted and loam. SOLD (1 Viewer)


Jul 29, 2020
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Yes, I'm the original creator.
Total Past Users
Just me!
I will tell buyer the original email address
No, there is no phone number linked to the account.
Credit Card
Yes, and I will provide the original card information (last 4 / billing address).
Secret Question/Answer
Yes, and I can supply the answer.
Everquest has resulted in low faction with wife and family guild. It's time to permanently quit EQ and start raising faction before becoming KOS.
In all seriousness, I've never done this before and don't know how much the account could be worth, but I'll start it at 400$ and drop it down until somebody shows interest.
Account is 100% ready to go and a krono was actually just consumed a day or two ago, so there's about a month and a half of time left before next time it needs to be paid. Additionally, it has 642 DBC on it.

This is my first time here, and while i'm not verified at the time of this post, I will be by the time we're ready to make a deal.

MONK human level 50.999 equipment:
  • 2x Sapphire electrum earring
  • Executioners hood
  • Platinum ruby veil
  • Shiverback hide jerkin
  • Spiked collar
  • Shiverback hide arm bands
  • Hooded black cloak
  • Runed bolster belt
  • Pegasus feather cloak
  • 2x dragon bone bracelet
  • Shiverback hide legs
  • Shiverback hide gloves
  • Sandals of alacrity
  • 2x Fire emerald platinum ring
  • Wu's fist of mastery

    Other items:
  • Journeymans boots
  • Keepers knapsack
  • Outriders' satchel
  • Guise of the deceiver
  • Robe of the lost circle (classic epic)

    Necromancer dark elf 50.999 equipment:
  • Golden sapphire earring x2
  • Blighted skullcap
  • Loam veil
  • Blighted robe
  • Golden star amulet
  • Loam encrusted sleeves
  • Loam encrusted cloak
  • Loam encrusted bracelet x2
  • Loam encrusted gloves
  • Golden efreeti boots
  • 2x moonstone ring
  • Stein of moggok
  • Jeweled skull
  • Dagger of marnek

    Other items: keepers' knapsack, Journeymans boots
Refund Policy
If any info incorrect I'll refund you 100%

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