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95 Raid Geared SK, 7715aa, 74530hps/8100ac UNBUFFED... buffs over 100k hps (1 Viewer)

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Mar 27, 2012
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everything title says. this guy is a god. has 2.0, every good aa max'd . Can tank any t4 group content with ease. Aggro beast. Can solo (without a merc) in T4 VoA zones, in melee not kiting and do it over and over again for xp. Swarming is cake with this guy. Tons of clickies. Transferrable. Anything else you want to know just ask.

Asking $550, you can offer me lower but know that I won't respond/entertain lower offers until after a week or two goes by. Thanks for looking!
I am interested in this account, PM me please. Is there a CC, secret question, or secret pw and answer on the account as of now?
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