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90 T4 monk and 89 bard (1 Viewer)

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Dec 14, 2011
Rating - 100%
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Account Type: US
Server: Cazic
Transfer Available: Yes
Race: iksar monk 2740 AA's http://eq.magelo.com/profile/2041840
Level: 91
Gender: Male
Account Active: Yes
Alternate Character(s): 93 Bard 1300 aa's 78 Alaran Skill http://eq.magelo.com/profile/2115354
Original Owner: Yes
Have Secret Question/Answer: Yes
CD Key Available: No
Amount: $150.00

VoA enabled account
monk has 1.5 epic done full T4 gear and flagged . 2 bags full of 15-20 purity augs targetable shrinky

Also on acct is a 93 bard 1300 aa's Title courier as well as prefix the courier has lute of the howler, lute of the mischiefmaker,AoN, Visage of the daft trickster ( crazy clown illusion) ,Grumpy goblin and Satyr illusion, convoluted assistant augmentator( change guild hall NPC's races, armor and face and hair stuff) mostly in VoA T1 T2 and HoT T2 gear weilding dual glorious weapons

Both toons have T5 mercs and extra merc slot with tank and healer merc on bard and dps and healer on monk.
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wanna trade it for a 7 year vet EQ2 account worth much more than $150 had a 90 guardian 90 ranger 90 coercer 89 inquisitor add me aim evillichzek if interested
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