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75 pally 360ish AAs WITH GM TITLE (1 Viewer)

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Aug 9, 2005
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Havnt played the game for awhile, decided to sell my pally. there is also a level 16twinked warrior on the account with all of the best twink gear its been so long i dont even remember the name of some of the stuff, WDH, BOC etc.

The pally is demi flagged anguish etc.
Has one of the sweetest GM titles ever * Of the Vanquisher *
12k unbuffed hp has GOM *greatblade of morrifcation?
Pm me for eqplayer link.

I am OO of this account. And i have all information

Also, PM me offers, I have no idea what I can get for this guy. I would think people would like the title I swear my toon has the longest name ever.
Account Type: US
Server: Sarynn
Transfer Available: Yes
Race: Human
Faction: Goodie
Level: 75
Gender: Male
Account Active: Yes for 3 weeks
Alternate Character(s):16 warrior almost 1mil in twink gear
Original Owner: Yes
Have Secret Question/Answer: Yes
CD Key Available: No
Amount: Offer
Not having the CD keys restricts you from nothing. You dont need them. And also, The GM title is The Vanquisher not of the vanquisher.
ohsfatty, it's Greatsword of Mortification from the Jelvan event in Anguish btw.

I'm not trying to flame him, I see my last post was deleted. I am just letting him know, so it will enable him to entail his buyer on the gear of the Paladin.
thanks, I havnt really played eq in like 2-3 years, came back for awhile got 70-75 and demi flag and then quit again
How much is the transfer these days? I heard rumors in other games of $25, but did EQ drop that low?

I'm kinda interested in it, I loves me a Paladin.


Yeah, I just read your original post, I'll see what I can come up with. I'll PM you today probably.
Yes i noticed you signed the WoW section one, guess thats ok but some admin / mod can tell you =)

- decker
Bump, still for sale.

And also, if it helps prove that i am not a scammer I am a mod on on Markee Dragon, Which i believe is the largest MMO trading site there is.
Not having the CD keys restricts you from nothing. You dont need them. .

actually this does restrict someone if there's an issuse with the account being ganked from the buyer. I've been asked on several occasions to produce #'s from gamecards for account's.
Gamecard #'s are different than CD keys. Game card proves you paid a subscription. I have never been asked for a CD key.
Both gamecard's and cd keys can help trace back to the origional ownership of an account. If you've even had an account locked because of China showing up on the billing statement at any time you'd understand.
I know I dont have the cd keys, But I am about as legit as they come, I will provide all my info if you ever have a problem *which you wont*

I am an administrator on markeedragon.com
I believe it is still the biggest trading forum there is. I have had this account for longer than I can even remember *5+ years?* and my next door neighbor was the OO and he has long since stopped playing MMOs
not really work much as u can PL A toon 1-90 and 1000 aa's in about 5 days now if anything someone would buy the account for the vet aa's if has any i will send u a pm with offer
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