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Accounts Live (normal server) 110bard / 110druid 2 accounts. Kronos or ppff

Discussion in 'EverQuest Accounts' started by Cazic_Bard, Mar 12, 2019.

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  1. Cazic_Bard

    Cazic_Bard Member

    Rating - 100%
    2   0   0

    May 5, 2018
    wood elf
    Yes, I'm the original creator.
    I will tell buyer the original email address
    No, there is no phone number linked to the account.
    Credit Card:
    Yes, and I will provide the original card information (last 4 / billing address).
    Secret Question/Answer:
    Yes, and I can supply the answer.
    Refund Policy:

    Hey guys its a Girl! I am selling my accounts to pay for new things for her room. I am the original owner and creator of all the accounts. Each account I can and will provide all answers/questions/email/CC and information for the accounts along with a direct way to contact me if you ever need anything answered in the future. I will also be off and on Everquest so will also give you my chars name... That being said ALL chars are on Cazic server and are able to be transferred to any server. Each account has different /Claims able to be used anywhere from exp potions, Traveler Rucksacks, Familiars, Mounts, and Potions each account has different amount and types of /claims. No account has ever had any marks or bans of any type. Each level 110 char will also be coming with 1million plat to be used for whatever you would like. I can also send you a full /outputfile for missing spells and inventory if you would like to know more about each char or account upon request. All payments will be made through PayPal F&F. Or traded in game for Kronos if agreed upon. If you have any questions please feel free to PM me and I will try to answer them as quickly as possible. If you would like any DB services or items that will be discussed on a per transaction request (Name changes, Server transfers, Items). Will also do a package deal if both accounts are bought at once

    Shadow Knight - Sold
    Magician - Sold

    Account one
    - 431 station cash, 10 years 114 days 24/25 exps
    110 wood elf Bard - 14,122aas/10unused - 140khp self buffed, Wurmslayer/Darkend Breath of harmony plus many more weapons, full conflagrant vis/non (slow belt), tons of augs, many illusions, bard clickies for raids, epic 1.0 2.0 with ornaments. Also has ACoF for unlimited plat earnings for the clickie (17% haste 18regen)

    90 Berserker - 5257aas - Randomly geared with random upgrades in bags
    85 Heroic mag - 5534aas/164 unused - heroic gear with upgrades in bags
    59 Monk
    49 Shadowknight
    1 Necro
    1 Warrior

    Account three - 250 station cash - 12years 210+days
    110 wood elf Druid - 12,347aas/165 unused - Full conflagrant vis/non vis, Plus some Draconic augs, Almost all ports and spells, Guise of the Deceiver, Right click snare shield, Shadow haven Casino bag with all 6 items to be used for Casino items like Guise of the deceiver and Drogmor (raid speed mount)

    76 Shaman fully geared with random upgrades in bags
    47 Mage
    14 Shadow knight
    4 Beastlord
  2. Domino76

    Domino76 Well-Known Member

    Rating - 100%
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    Jun 2, 2016
    inbox is full pm me
  3. Cazic_Bard

    Cazic_Bard Member

    Rating - 100%
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    May 5, 2018
    Inbox is open now sorry.