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100ranger over8kaa 100zerker over 5kaa 100beastlord over 2kaa 100bard almost 2kaa (1 Viewer)

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Nov 25, 2013
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Greetings guys, I am finally going to get out of the game for a while, I have up for sale all of my pride and joy:

100 Ranger, over 8k all well spent aa's good gear full augs also has station cash best flying mount, wont get into details on it unless someone is interested but i will sell the account for $250-steal price!
100 Berserker, over 5k all well spent aa's some raid gear, using BEST raids 2hslash in the game from CotF also has cotf and rof raid currency saved up $250 also a steal price!
100 beastlord over 2k well spent aa's good gear RoF or better group gear selling for $150
100 bard almost 2k well spend AA, good gear all xpacks upto CotF selling for $150

Please let me know if you are interested we can deal via paypay right away im always usually at the PC. Thanks guys!
they are on Drinal server, I have been a supportive member of redguides and EQ itself for a while, and all my accounts are in good standing as well as transferable to any server you wish. if anyone buys all of them in bulk for 900, i will include a number of other various accounts (95shaman,95mage, and others) for free.

bard is also in a full suit of T1 CotF group gear, zerker also has 1 krono still in his inventory and most all these accounts should still have at least a week of gold sub left. $900 cash takes my full team, 100 ranger, 100 zerker, 100 beastlord, 100 bard, 95 shaman, 95 mage, 90ish druid, 80ish necro, and maybe one or two others.

still available 800 takes everything, around 8 accounts the 4 i mentioned + 95 shaman, 95 mage, 90ish druid, 85pally and 80ish necro. will break down if you want, 250 for the ranger 250 for the zerker 150 for the beastlord and 150 for the bard. great accounts on drinal all transferable and in great standing in the community!

guys these are awesome accounts, Will sell all 4 as a package deal for 700, or for an extra 100 i will include a 95shaman 95 mage, 85pally and 85ish druid, as well as a 80ish necro, every character is on separate accounts, all well taken care of and very good names on drinal server and all xferable to wherever you want. hell if you had more time than i do you could buy them all and prob. resale them individually for much more than what i am asking, there is 1 or 2 various krono on the acounts, + a few hundred k plat across the accounts, thanks guys.
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