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100 Warrior on FV, MAX AA's some raid gear (1 Viewer)

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May 2, 2011
Rating - 100%
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Level 100 Warrior with MAX AA's (85 banked currently) and 140 Merc AA's.

He is mostly raid geared from past expansions (no current raid gear), but is still geared much better than group gear. Can easily tank any group content without a problem. Can tank most raid content with the proper setup and healers.

Stats unbuffed:

HP: 101629
AC: 8603

He has a J5 Merc

Maxed in all trade skills except Research.

Full set of augs, some could be updated.

Priced to sell fast. Check my other posts for other FV characters as well.

Has over 7k Marks of Valor to gear up your merc (never did this).

PRICE: $250

PM me with any other questions you may have.
Bump, still for sale. Don't make me strip him and sell his items individually. His items alone will get you more cash that it costs to buy him, I'm just to lazy.
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