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    Accounts Mangler 54 Iksar Monk With Epic and some Extra's

    Selling the monk I have been leveling. Here is a list of his gear Epic Sizable Satchel (40 slot bag 100% Weight Red) Bag of the Tinkerers (10 slot bag 100% Weight Red) Spiked Seahorse hide belt (34% haste) Black Panther chest,arms,wrists x2,and legs Guise of the Deceiver (dark elf Illusion)...
  2. dracolumina

    60 Cleric for sale on Mangler And more

    I have decided to take a break from EQ and would like to sell the following account.The account has Characters on multiple servers please read it all. Cleric Account ($225 or best offer) Mangler 60 Female Human cleric Rodcet Nife Deity Group gear (199 wis) Only needs to kill ixiblat Fer and...
  3. dracolumina

    WTS Krono any Server $10 (0 left)

    WTS Krono on any server $10 each (0 Left in stock) Krono will be parceled shortly after Paypay FNF funds hit. Got to build up my rep so if you buy from me leave feedback! bouncing in and out so may take a few minutes to respond Bitcoin accepted. Minimum purchase of 5, 10% discount when...
  4. dracolumina

    Service Mangler Mangler PBAE Powerleveling Service FASTEST Reliable AFK 1-65, AA's 270+ Original Feedback!

    how much would it be for 55 (or 56) to 60 afk with me logging in, and do you take Krono
  5. dracolumina

    **Power Leveling** Fast! 1-33, 33-50 and anywhere in between!

    Great job, very flexible with working of the details.