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Oct 10, 2016
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Yes, I'm the original creator.
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Just me!
📧 I will tell buyer the original email address
📞 No, there is no phone number linked to the account.
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💳 No credit card has ever been used on the account.
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Bulk orders will get a 5% discount, Veterans (will need to figure out a way to verify) get a 10% discount
PLing service.

  • 1-40 (so you can group with your lvl 60!) $40 or four Krono
  • 40-50 $60 or six Krono
  • 50-60 $100 or 10 Krono

Characters for sale. Prices Will go up as they level, they are starting at $40 for a lvl 40 and at lvl 60 they will be $90, if epics are done and added they will also go up.

Offers are considered as well.

Inventory spreadsheet. Characters will be developed as I can while not sold. They are NOT fully geared but do have some gear and would not take much to fill them out.

No Notable Gear

*Note* The previous two accounts are expired on time so they are being listed rock bottom!

Previous Sold:
Level 47 Wood Elf Druid: $40 or 4 Kr ~Sold~
Level 60 Wood elf bard: $90 or 9 Kr ~Sold~
Level 57 human bard. $60 or 6Kr ~Sold~
Level 54 Epic Monk!!! Not much gear but has epic. $150 or 15Kr. ~Sold~
Level 54 bard. $70 or 7kr. ~Sold~
50 human monk w/epic 150 or 15kr ~Sold~
47 half elf bard 40 or 4kr ~sold~
45 dwarf cleric 40 or 4kr ~Sold~
60 troll shaman 50 or 5kr ~Sold~
60 dwarf warrior 50 or 5kr ~Sold~
60 Human Cleric $150 or 15 Kr. Cleric Has Epic. Also has all purchasable spells ~Sold~
57 human bard $70 or 7Kr. ~Sold~

Epic Fights

Final Cleric Epic fight. 5 Kr we can set up a time
Final Monk Epic Fight, 5 Kr we can set up a time

Epics MQs for Sale.

None Currently

Multiple characters can be discussed on price for a discount. Leveling times vary but I will Keep you in the loop on how long things are taking.

All payments will be Paypal FnF or in game KR.
Refund Policy
🛎️ 24 hours if you haven't changed any info
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