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WTT THF donor characters for P99 shaman or plat/items (1 Viewer)

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Oct 20, 2013
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I don't play on THF anymore, so looking to unload some accounts. All characters have epic 2.8 completed, and have mostly t6 gear.
All at t7 with all the necessary AA's done. Also Mask of the dark fairy on all chars.

Male half elf warrior, donor sword, solo aura, 7.5k ac, all the requisite clickies,
Male dark elf cleric, no donor, epic 2.8, t8 heal spell
Male froglok shaman, donor weap (1500hp per tick regen!), t8 heal spell
Male iksar necromancer, t8 pet, some t8 DoT's, no donor

Might have the login to my male bard too if i can find it.
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