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WTT THF Donor Accounts for plat/gear/account on p99 blue. (1 Viewer)

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Aug 17, 2013
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I am looking to liquidate all my stuff on the hidden forest server, It has been a fun server nonetheless, but I am ready to be back to classic EQ.. I have spent over $1000 amongst all my characters over there on what is called 'donor gear' which obviously is very godly :p. You are able to use MQ2 and multi-box there as many toons as you'd like. I used to run a total of 6 but own 7 accounts total. If anyone is interested, we can talk more into detail about what I have and what each toons have..

Chars I have (all on separate accounts):

70 warrior
70 shaman
70 bard
70 monk
70 necro
70 mage

Also have another account with a 1 of kind toon on it that is very unique in his own way. I have a very nice set up for someone who is looking to add a group of solid force/dps to theirs already, or if someone is new to THF and would like to hit the ground running full speed :p

PM me for more details and leave a method of contact and I will get back to you!!

Thanks and happy hunting!
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