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WTT Platinum for Krono on Drinal, please! (1 Viewer)

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Nov 22, 2010
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I am wondering what kind of deal I can get from someone here on some kronos. I want to buy 2 to 4 depending on price, the last time I bought them they were 375k platinum a piece from a friend. I now see buyers buying for 570k and sellers wanting 700k+ on Drinal. I need someone to sell me 2 or 4 for in game plat on the Drinal server. I don't want to spend real money because of income restrictions. Can anyone help me out?

EDIT: I ended up buying one for 630k from some random person after BSing in general chat for a while. I only had two days left of gold so it was dire. I always save them and click when needed though since you can stay online and be gold for a while until you crash/LD or there's a patch. the longest I've ever manged to stay online after gold ran out was two weeks.
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