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WTT EQ Live account for Project 1999 Blue Account (1 Viewer)

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Jul 1, 2013
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Looking to trade my old EQ Live account for a Project 1999 (Blue Server) account. I'd really like an account with a high level druid, but I will consider all offers. Thanks for looking!

All of these were on the Druzzil Ro server. I believe it has since merged. I haven't logged onto the account for a few months, but can get more specifics if requested. I believe I get the 13-year vet rewards, based on my activation date.

70 DE Necro, was raid geared at the time.
65 Human Druid, was raid geared at the time. Has his epic.
52 Gnome Rogue. Has his epic.
45ish Iksar Monk
45ish Ogre SK
Many other alts, and probably 50-60kpp in the bank.

Here is the info from my account info page:

Original Activation Date: February 9, 2000

Enabled Features:
4 Experience Potions + 1 Big Bag
EQ Social Media Quest Month 4 Award
Entitlement: Base Game
Entitlement: Depths of Darkhollow
Entitlement: Dragons of Norrath
Entitlement: Gates of Discord
Entitlement: House of Thule
Entitlement: Legacy of Ykesha
Entitlement: Lost Dungeons of Norrath
Entitlement: Omens of War
Entitlement: Planes of Power
Entitlement: Prophecy of Ro
Entitlement: Ruins of Kunark
Entitlement: Scars of Velious
Entitlement: Secrets of Faydwer
Entitlement: Seeds of Destruction
Entitlement: Seeds of Destruction Veteran Status
Entitlement: Shadows of Luclin
Entitlement: The Buried Sea
Entitlement: The Serpents Spine
Entitlement: Underfoot
EverQuest Silver Membership
In game Item: A piece of Furniture
In game Item: Bayle Marks
In game Item: Experience Potions
In game Item: Welcome Back Ornamentation
In game Item:Mercenary
In game Item:Welcome Note
In game item: Braxi Mount
In-Game Item: Bridle of the Corrupted Sokokar
In-Game Item: Mark of Brell
In-Game Item: Sceptre of Draconic Calling
In-Game Item: Taelosian Morphemic Staff
In-Game Item: Underfoot Convorteum Bonus Item
In-Game Items: EQ Living Legacy Promo Items
In-game Item: EQ 10th Anniversary Cake
LON item: Flaming Skull
LoN: Scenario
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