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WTT 95 zerker for SK or MNK

[email protected]

Caveat Emptor this trader is not verified.
Mar 27, 2012
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Hey all, got a great 95 zerker. 53khps/5240ac unbuffed (buffs up to 67k) 3500aa. Mostly all T4 HoT group gear, but his weapon is the Darkdream Doomhammer, best raid weapon in the HoT expac. aug'd it's 258dmg,1magic dmg/36 delay.

Tons of clickies and illusions.

Averages 8-9k dps in groups, 10+ with bard songs (without using any discs/skills with cool downs)

Looking to trade for a similiar or better MNK/SK. Will throw in cash if trade is noticeably better

oh also, account currently has 2.5 months of paid sub, and a server transfer token on him.