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WTT 2 Rift Acct for EQ Plat/Acct (1 Viewer)

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Aug 24, 2011
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My friend and I are looking to quit Rift and return to EverQuest. We've recently started playing on Vulak`Aerr, the progression server. We're looking to trade our accounts for platinum on Vulak`Aerr as well as possible EverQuest accounts.

Account #1, 50 Defiant Rogue
Bahmi w/ Full R4 prestige gear. He is rank 5 prestige with 3 pieces of R5 prestige gear.

He is hit capped for Greenscale, 240 hit. I have one piece of loot from GSB, but I primarily pvp.

He has 4 souls and his 90% mount. He is max outfitter, apothecary, and butchering. And I have a 30 mage with max artificer. The apothecary has several rare drop recipes and several plaque recipes for all the other professions.

Account 1 has until Sept. 7th on the subscription.

Account #2, 42 Defiant Cleric
Bahmi with gear up to level 50. Has 3 souls and a 90% mount. Max runecrafter, outfitter, apothecary. Has several epic plaque recipes for runecrafting. As well as some lower level alts.

Account 2 has until Sept. 23rd on the subscription.

Server transfer is up for all characters on both accounts. I am the original owner of both accounts for recruit-a-friend purposes. The best way to reach me is via e-mail, [email protected]. I will entertain all offers, I am mainly interested in EverQuest accounts, platinum on Vulak'Aerr, and a Level 30 US League of Legends account. Feel free to make other offers.

Thanks for reading,
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