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WTS- Trade EQ1 / WoW / SWTOR

Discussion in 'EverQuest' started by AGLtwisty, Jan 19, 2012.

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  1. AGLtwisty

    AGLtwisty Member

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    May 4, 2011
    EQ1 two accounts WoW 2 accounts SWTOR 1 Account

    Acct 1:
    90 Bard - 143aa
    Full T4 HoT Gear all clickies
    2200 SC points on the account
    Can PL any character to 70 solo
    Acct 2:
    85 Monk - 945aa
    80 Mage - 370aa
    Full T1 HoT gear
    All Characters are guilded - and I will leave them guilded for you because it is a great group of friends.
    Between both accounts, there is about 800k plat

    World of Warcraft

    This is my blizzard account which comes with
    3 WoW accounts, I posted 2 due to one account has like a level 12.
    Starcraft 2
    Diablo 2 + LOD
    WC3 RoC and FT

    Account 1
    85 Mage full pvp gear - Bonechewer Horde
    80 Priest full HM 25 LK gear / tons of titles was my main. Bonechewer - Horde
    Account 2
    85 Paladin -
    80 Hunter - Bonechewer Horde

    Star Wars: The Old Republic
    Server: Helm of Graush
    Character: 28 Sith Assassin - Twilek Race
    Account: Digital Deluxe Edition
    Basically looking to get my money back on this account.

    EQ ACCT 1: 150$
    EQ ACCT 2: 150$
    Both together for people who enjoying boxing 250$

    Blizzard Account
    I would like to ask for 300$ for the Blizzard account.

    SWTOR Account

    All accounts are negotiable - please contact me for more info or negotiate.

    Will accept trades!!!!!

    Looking for an EQ Character on P99 Server. Emulator Server.

    AIM: MuzzyTheMilkman
    Email: [email protected]
    Cell: 805 390 5889

    Feel free to use the cell, I am in Pacific Standard Time PST so call whenever Im usually up.
    Or shout me a text.

    I am the original owner of all accounts.

    Thank You for you interested and happy shopping!