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WTS some accounts Fippy !! (1 Viewer)

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Feb 13, 2011
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hey all ! selling out my eq accounts on fippy darkpaw

70 human Monk : 250 $
Monk have 9.7k hp unbuffed have all flags up until Don have anguish wep
have 600 AAs

70 gnome Cleric : 75 $
Cleric have mostly been used as a heal bot not worth much got a little over 100 aas

69 mage : 100 $
the mage was an old friends account he gave me long ago havnt played it much, mostly VT time gear

69 Dark elf SK : 150
the SK got the best baz gear avalible and have over 150 AAs and is time flagged
needs abit more work and he will be top tier tank

I will make you a good deal if you buy them only 450 $
theres some plat here and there roughtly 30k spread over all chars along with some baz gear

Contact me if you need further information
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