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Service Live (normal server) WTS *Raid Loot* Laurion's Song, Night of Shadows - $250 for LS / 100 for NOS. All raids available (2 Viewers)

Dec 27, 2016
Rating - 100%
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Laurion's Song
250.00 per chest
All Current Raids available. T1, T2 , and T3.

Full Laurion Song raid gear Valiant= $1000.00
No ESD due to availability of raids. will keep you updated with all progress.

Laurion's Song Mercs/Partisans/Paragon 200.00
hunter 300.00
full slot 5 augs per class 200.00 (2-3 days turn around)
Fine Sparkling Harasser's Collar of Legacy Lost, Evolving Necklace $600.00---- This includes Mercs/Partisans/Paragon(achievements)/Hunter for Laurion's Song, Max out your Necklace all the way up to RAID wins This includes also getting the Necklace for your character.

NOS raid chests- All 9 available
100.00 per chest

TOL Raid chests- 3 available
50.00 per chest

We can support all your Everquest needs, let me know how i can serve you and it will be done! DM me for more information.
Refund Policy
🛎️ none once loot is looted.
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I could not be happier with the service! Excellent communication throughout the process and great value for the services provided. I highly recommend and will use the services again. Thank you!!!!
COV RAID CHEST 300$ Firm (4 nuggets/2-3 non vis , 2-3 visibiles, 3- 10 various spells, 3-4 pieces of Draconic ornamentation. chance for 44 slot box.

TOV RAID CHEST 80$ (2 nuggets/ 3-6 non vis, 3-6 visibles, 5-10 various spells, pieces of restless ice ornamentation, chance for restless bunker 44 slot box


PM ME FOR DETAILS! Currently the raids that are done are TOV (GRIKLOR AND RESTLESS ASSAULT) / COV (ZLANDICAR AND TANTOR/KLANDICAR/SONTALAK). loot is on drinal server and done every Saturday if you have any questions please pm me and lets get you raid geared ASAP!!!
Any Raid Ores on FV Server? Looking to buy 4
Advertisement for ToL states 2-3 visibles. I don't believe this is accurate. Can you post a SS of a time when 3 actually dropped??
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