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WTS - Project 1999 Blue Server - 20k Plat, Fungi, 50k+ in other items! (1 Viewer)

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Jul 30, 2013
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Looking to get away from Project 1999, I'm selling my items, plat, stuff for warrior and bard.

If you're interested pm me or reply.


Diamondine Earring x2 (1k Each)

Skull-shaped Barbute (1k)

Black Sapphire Platinum Necklace (5k)

Platinum Fire Wedding Ring x2 (300p each)

Granite Bracer (3-4k)

Hero Bracers (400-600p)

Mithril Vambraces (4k)

Mithril Breastplate (500-1k)

Mithril Greaves (3-4k)

Sludged Girdle (400p)

Hooded Black Cloak (3-4k)

Crested Spaulders (300p)

Singing Steel Boots (400p)

Singing Steel Gloves (600-800p)

Fungus Covered Tunic (This item is increasing in price, there has been a recent nerf to the camp so its harder to obtain. These go from 80-120k)

Sharkskin Drum - (1500-1800)

McVaxius' Horn of War - (8k)

Runed Bone Fork - (500p)

Lute of the Gypsy Princess - (100p)

Electrum Star Ruby Ring x 2 - (100p each)

Opaline Earring x 2 (100p each)

Platinum Star Ruby Veil (400p)

A Gypsy Medallion (300p)

Sarnak Arcane Fetish (700p)

Crystalline Short Sword (2.5k)

Breath of Harmony (6-7k)

Lambent Breastplate (1k)

Flowing Black Silk Sash (11-12k)

Mithril Plated Girth (1500-2000)

20k Platnium

Around 2-5k in random items on my bank toon.

Blued Two-Handed Hammer - cannot even obtain this hammer anymore, they removed the quest from the game. It is expected to skyrocket in price with the velious release, at this moment its worth a lot to someone who collects items removed from the game. (Hasn't been one sold since 2012)

Total of 180-220k in Platinum.

Only looking to sell everything to a single person, I can start selling the items if someone is just interested in straight plat.
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I'm pming you. Had to make an account here just to contact you. Found this in a gogole search. If you have another way to contact you let me know.
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