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Accounts Oakwynd WTS: Oakwynd Level 65s! - 100+ AAs! Warrior, Paladin, Monk, Mage, Enchanter, SK, Ranger, Cleric, Druid, Necro, Druid, Bard, Bst, Wizard, Shaman (1 Viewer)

Jun 15, 2020
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These are NOT AFK PL'ed characters, they have a full set of vender spells (will need PoP turn in quest spells) and the skills to jump in and play right away!
Available right now, new Oakwynd level 65s!

Level 65 Warrior - Full set of Champions visible armor (Thurgadin armor), hierophant's cloak, Silvery belt (haste) Edge of honor & mithril edged sword sword 220+ AA $130
Level 65 Paladin - Full set of Runed protector's visible armor (Thurgadin armor), hierophant's cloak, Silvery belt (haste) Edge of honor & Acrylia inlaid shield 220+ AA $130
Level 65 Enchanter - Full set of Beguiler's visible armor (Thurgadin armor) 220+ AA $130
Level 65 Cleric - Full set of Forbidden Rites visible armor (Thurgadin armor), Silvery belt of contention (haste), hierophant's cloak, Pepper crusher & cone of the mystics - 270+ AA $130
Level 65 Necromancer - Full set of Warlock's visible armor (Thurgadin armor), hierophant's cloak, Wand of cursed souls, Thunder runed dagger - 100+ AA $130
Level 65 Bard - General set of gear - 125+ AA $120
Level 65 Wizard - Full set of Arantir'svisible armor (PoP armor), Wand of cursed souls, book of impracticality - 200+ AA $140
Level 65 Beastlord - General set of gear - 200+ AA $130
Level 65 Shaman - General set of gear - 240+ AA $130
Level 65 Druid - General set of gear - 230+ AA $130
Level 65 Shadowknight - Full set of Dark Runed visible armor (Thurgadin armor), hierophant's cloak, Silvery belt (haste) Edge of honor & Eye of the sandstorm- 100+ AA $120
Level 65 Ranger - Full set of Runed scout's visible armor (Thurgadin armor), hierophant's cloak, Silvery belt (haste), Shadow heart & mithril edged short sword - 100+ AA $120
Refund Policy
🛎️ full refund if item not as described
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