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Accounts Oakwynd WTS Multiple lvl 65 accounts - All ele flagged (All but 1 flagged for PoTime) *FINAL PRICE CUTS BEFORE THEY ROT* accepting all reasonable offers (3 Viewers)


Jan 4, 2019
Rating - 100%
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High Elf / Dark Elf / Wood Elf / Iksar
Mage / Necromancer / Bard / Monk
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United States
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🙊 🔵 Yes, and I can supply the answer.
Buyer Requirements
📌 PayPal FNF / Verified or 15+ positive feedback
65 mage - $160 OBO
-Epic 1.0
-395 AA
-All vendor and POP spells
-VT/EMP/Elemental flagged in POP
-Max mana regen
-500+ DBC
-Ornate bracer (rest of gear mostly VT raid)
-Worg Mount from DB store
- 7k HP & MP buffed
-Lots of great clickies

Account comes with level 60 Epic monk with a mix of raid/group gear.


65 Paladin- $400OBO -
-492 AA
-10.3k HP buffed
-All vendor and POP spells
-VT/EMP/Elemental/Time flagged in POP
-400 DBC
-Elemental geared (minus chest and legs)
-Blade of Carnage
-Lots of clickies
-Amulet of Necropotence
-DA Hammer
-Epic 1.0 in bank
-Lots of gear/weapons to play with


65 Cleric- $250 OBO
-363 AA
-Ele/Time flagged
-Epic 1.0
-Fast mount
-All spells
-7k HP & MP
-3700 DBC


65 Mage- 400 OBO -
-564 AA (1 AA until maxed AA for LUC/POP - minus tradeskill and special AA...just have to bank for next expansion)
-Ele/time flagged
-Epic 1.0
-Raid Geared (Mostly Time with many being BIS - some VT)
-Laurion Song (premium expansion - phoenix mount)
-9500 HP buffed
-8600 MP
-Max mana regen
-4174 DBC
-40 slot bags
-TONS of clickies (AOC, Levitate, Shrink, invis, shrink pet, reclaim pet, rune clicky, wood elf illusion)
-One of the top mages on the server at the moment - nothing to do but store AA and farm loot replacements
-Lowbie ench persona with twink gear so you can level it up and use mage gear from PoTime (couold do the same with any int class)


PayPal FNF only
Refund Policy
🛎️ If there are errors on my end.


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