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Service Mischief WTS KronoLevel's - Mischief - House of Thule! - AoE AFK Power Level! 1-90 + AA's! Daily Sessions! + AA Clickies & More! FASTER THAN EVER BEFORE!!! (1 Viewer)


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Dec 9, 2015
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Buyer Requirements
📌 You Want A Power Level!

I Want Your Business We Can Work Within Your Budget If You Want A Level Range Or AA Package Deal Let Me Know What You Have In Mind! I Run a 40+ Box AoE Afk Power Level! I Keep my Main Toons in High End Gear. I Do Big Non Stop Pulls and Put a ton of Effort into Getting You The Most Exp Per Hour I possibly Can! Hallelujah! When You Use Me You Get to Click All My Clickies Too! (See Bottom of This Post For More Info On What I Have to Click!)

I can Do Level 60-90 in about 2-3ish hours or so with a lesson and 50% or greater pot on. At Level 90 You Will Make 200+ AA Per Hour Depending on Which Potion You Use and other variables such as your total AA's.

***60-90 + AA - Level Range is only 45 per 4 hours Or 4 and a half krono for 4 hours!
You Can Expect 200-250+ AA Per Hour if you're under 4k AA with a 50% pot on.
If you're over 4k AA it's still very fast and solid
Happens Almost Everyday!***

***VIP's & Regulars Get Extra Free Bonus Time or Exp Or AA's Whatever They Want!***

*1-60ish is on special request just private message me. I can do a full 1-60 for 1.5 krono or 16 prefer paypal.*

ALSO ON SALE! Complete 1-90 and AA Packages discounted and available! ***Levels 1-90 + 180 Max Banked AA's for only 89!***


I Run 100% Script Free And I follow The Rules (No Bypass, No Cheating). It Is Very Important To Support The Providers Who Do Not Cheat and to NOT support the ones who do!

I Am Asking You To Support Me & My Service Over The Other Guys Because I Do Not Cheat Or Abuse The Marketplace Unfairly. 99.9% of the time I am your best value anyway so it's a no brainer!

I Also Have Two Bags Full Of AA Passive Clickies A Lot Of The Really Good Ones For Level 75-80+!

I Can Log You In for afk exp and handle everything for you If Needed just let me know its not a problem!

If you don't know who I am or have never heard of me! I have been around forever and I am the guy you want doing your PL on Mischief!

I care about my customers and I love the EQ community and the game. This means a lot to me.

I've been playing since I was a kid (12 years old) and I have always preferred to PL. Its my play style and I enjoy it. This is art to me.

You can do krono, plat, paypal, zelle, venmo, or cash app. Let me know what works for you!

I have a fully operational set up 40+ box (many classes) I play manually no scripts no bs. I can do all level ranges and also AA's with a very fast experience per hour rate regardless of level etc.

I prefer to PBAE most level ranges and can provide everything we need to make your leveling up fun, fast, efficient, and care free!

I am your one stop character shop for Everquest on the Mischief server! Whatever you need as far as levels, aa's, krono, or plat goes just let me know!

Feel free to make offers on any level ranges or AA amounts you want done!

Everything is handled through private message. We can real time text/chat in discord as well.

MY Powerlevel Now Includes Some Nice Clicky AA's INCLUDED FREE When You Use Me!


*ALL LEVEL 55+ Toons Come With The Following AA clickies: +10 to All Saves (All Classes) , +0.9% to singing (Bard Only), Grim Aura (All), Aura Of Battle (War Pal SK Only), Flag The Toon For Very Fast Mount So Any Mount You Use IS SELOS SPEED! (ALL)

*ALL LEVEL 65+ Toons Come WIth The Following AA Clickies!: Any Viable 55+ Clicky Listed Above for your class!, +25 to ATK (All Melee Classes)+15 To All Saves + 11 AC (All Classes But Casters!), + 14 AC (All Classes), +8 Hp Regen (All Classes), +20 hp regen (Cler, Sham, Dru, Wiz, Ench, Necro, Priest/Caster) +7 Mana/HP Regen (All Classes), +10 Mana Regen/6 hp regen (All Priests/Casters), +400 Mana (All Classes), + 20 to all saves (All Classes), +180 HP (All Classes)

*ALL LEVEL 70-80+ Toons Come WIth The Following AA Clickies!: Any Viable 55+ & 65+ Clicky Listed Above for your class!, +10% Haste, +10 HP Regen (All Classes),+30 to all saves (All Classes), +12 Hp Regen (All Classes), +27 Pt Stackable
Damage Shield! (All Classes), +30 to all saves and +23 AC (All Classes), +450 HP (All Classes), +9 Mana Regen, +9 HP Regen All Classes!, 12% Overhaste + 12 HP Regen (All Melee & Knights!), +37 AC All Classes!

Level 85+ Clickies are here and I have them! So even better than what you see here! Also have shawl 2.0 clicky!

Thanks Again! I look forward to serving you!
Refund Policy
🛎️ None Needed But Will Be Determined on Case by Case If So! No Refund if Work is Completed!
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I've gotten many toons leveled to 80 and now to 85, I'm a repeat customer and plan on leveling more toons. Thanks for your help keeping my 25+ toons viable for high end content.

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