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WTS High End 75 Druid 1200 aa's (The Rathe) (1 Viewer)

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Sep 12, 2004
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Account Type: US
Server: The Rathe
Transfer Available: Yes
Race: Halfling

Level: 75
Gender: Male
Account Active: Yes or No - No

Original Owner: Yes
Have Secret Question/Answer: Yes, credit cards used etc. I've sold a couple accounts on mmobugs but lost access and dont want to pay for membership. If you have it you can check my old accounts I've sold and see I've never had a complaint.
CD Key Available: Yes
HP/Mana: 12.2k hp / 13.5k mana UNBUFFED at 75 that was high end, very easy to catch up to new expansion and be top 5 again.
magelo: http://eq.magelo.com/profile/854244

Additional: This character is flagged for every zone (and when I mean flagged for every zone, I mean everything you can think of, I have flagged or keyed along with all tiers of DoN completed) up to new lvl 80 expansion, never bought it, so don't have it on account. Magelo is not fully updated (maybe 2 or 3 pieces better than what magelo shows, and I think more aa's than magelo shows) But I will sell as shown accordingly to current magelo. This character has tons of clickies and tons of instant clickies. This character has 1 million plat in bank and gear is all legit. It currently has 3 Ashengate molds so you can make those and upgrade the armor a little bit. This character is very high end and developed, with over 7 years on the account. This character means a lot to me but it is time for me to move on.

Amount: Because of how developed and legit (gear wasn't obtained by monk GK) this character is I am asking for $600, Paypal only.
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Account is active now through free subscription from sony so I was able to update magelo accordingly. AA's are actually 1387, and heres a picture of his gear/hp/aa's/clickies

You can see in bags there are many clickies and the 1million+ in bank, this toon is well advanced.

Have illusion skelly, highelf, human, wood elf, spectre, instant cast water elemental, many +mana +hp and +mana regen clickies also.
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