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wts fippy server monk 70/800ish aa's/2.0/demi flagged (1 Viewer)

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Jul 2, 2012
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Selling my monk, like the title says has a mix of mpg trial-demiplane loot nothing below 275 hps all hp augged. Has 10% overhaste, and tacvi damage augs. Form of endurance 3. CoA 2 hander. All don progression done except like two gimp group missions have all peices in bank and is flagged up to T2 don but in an hour could have the 2 missions done and max flagged. About a month to play left has RoF expansion and all past ones too. a few 50-60 alts on it.

13.5k unbuffed closer to 14k with charm at max power.

Will give my 4 boxes away free with the deal as i havent logged into eq in about 2 weeks and have 0 desire too.

Toon is guilded but dunno for how much longer as ive been MIA

10k on account as well as an AoN. I can solo runes for plat all day long and have made money sellin plat with just the monk. Never suspended or banned dont use mq2 while the monk is in game either so the account is clear. PM me for any info

Looking for $300 or best offer so dont be afraid to offer.
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yep bought it back from the person i sold i to. Same price. The monk is geared and aa'd much better.

All boxes have been sold so its just the monk account alone now sorry.
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