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WTS EQMac Plat! (1 Viewer)

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Preface: Sony doesn't care about duped platinum or items on EQMac so it is currently, and for the forseeable future, 100% safe to buy. Due to Al'Kabors code, they have no way of discerning the duped stuff from the legit stuff. This is great for people who enjoy playing the game, but don't have the time to farm for 12 hours a day. Hell, a lot of the stuff you see on RedGuides can't even be bought in-game. Approximately two years ago, most of the platinum and very good items on this server weren't available at all. A few bot armies and old school players literally hoarded most everything and it wasn't until a lot of them quit and sold that any of it could even be acquired at all.

I think EQMacPlat *might* be a regular using a different alias. I only say that because RMTing on EQMac is not worth the time or effort it takes to acquire any worthwhile items... unless you happen to be one of the very select few people who magically acquired a near-infinite amount of platinum/items several months ago.

Don't take this the wrong way. I'm not knocking EQMacPlat and I'm not certain he is one of these sellers. He could be just another Joe-Shmoe learning the hard way what many legit farmers already know: there's no way farmers/traders can compete with the prices of the guys who duped the entire inventory of several characters 50+ times, doubling their total platinum and a characters worth of very expensive gear each of those 50+ times. I'm just dropping a bit of well-known knowledge for the seemingly large influx of recent newcomers who aren't aware of the origin of this inexhaustible abundance of wealth currently available on Al'Kabor.

In my opinion, RMT did this server a huge favor. In an ideal EverQuest world, all players would be eternal high schoolers with infinite play time and the means to farm stuff. But as this generation matures, fewer of us have the time to spend sitting in BoT or Tactics waiting for shit to drop and so we use the only resource available: cash. Especially since a lot of us have significant others who despise the game. The bottom line is that it doesn't matter whether you have the time (like, say, many of RMTs opposers) or the cash (the rest of the server), you're going to pay with whatever is less precious to you. I'm not saying all of RMTs detractors are welfare recipients with all the time in the world to play video games; some of 'em just like for others to have to play by their rules. Luckily, RMT'ing is becoming more socially acceptable as more people realize what I've just laid out for you. Persnally, I think it's silly for Temerity or Destiny to be anti-RMT since they really have no way of knowing who's doing it and who isn't. Actually, most known cheaters on Al'Kabor were once members of Temerity and it makes sense because historically cheaters/RMTrs/pricks belonged to the server's "uber" guild. I know for a fact a lot of the stuff sold on RedGuides couldn't have been obtained by anyone else at the time it started hitting the market.

I rambled cause that's what I do.
Thanks for that info Cookie, I am aware of the duping that took place 6-12 months ago. This platinum does not come from that.

Anyways. Now offering PL services 1-65.
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