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WTS EQMAC 65's. - SOLD (1 Viewer)

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Sep 23, 2012
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Fed up with the leadership on EQMAC guilds, giving up. Looking to sell some toons, have SQ/SA to all toons and all are very well equipped.

65 Dark Elf Enchanter
65 Troll Shaman
65 Half-Elf Ranger
65 Halfling Cleric

i honestly wouldnt plan on guilding any of these toons unless you already know leadership in one of the top guilds. i have pissed off pretty much every guild on the server. Not via training/griefing, more along the RMT and calling them out on their BS.

pm me. would like to get rid of all of them in one chunk.
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lol "calling them out on their BS"

And by BS, he means not giving him gear because they knew that he would just as likely sell the characters as he had bought them

You can't buy your way to happiness, and you certainly can't expect a group of people who leveled their characters the hard way to just hand it to you.
lol because the "hard" way was using character's that i purchased to PL their own? hilarious.
I love how this retard's still running around Al`Kabor training people on a borrowed SK, pretending to not be himself, then pretending to be himself... then not... then, oh bother, I can't keep track!

Watch out for this shady dude!
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