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WTS EQ Accounts (Sk,Mnk,Brd,Enc,Shm,Clr) (1 Viewer)

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Oct 5, 2011
Rating - 100%
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100 SK T4 Grp gear, few ROF Raid 2hs, 1hs, has Epic 2.0, 6.5k aa, cloak of flames, tons of great augs, Full Book of RkII spells Ogre $$ Offer.

100 ENC T4 Grp Gear, 8.5k aa, Few ROF Raid toys, Epic 2.0, Full Spell book of RkII $$ Offer

100 BRD T4 Grp Gear, ROF Weapons (1hs, 1hb), 6.3k aa, no epics, full book of songs RkII $ Offer

100 MNK T1 ROF Raid Gear (minus a few pieces) ROF Weapons, tons of clickies i.e illusions, carpet, whirly flyer etc. MAX aa, with 70 banked. $$ Offer

100 SHM T4 Grp gear, 7.5k aa, Some ROF Raid items (Belt, T2 Wrist, Couple RKIII spells) $$ Offer

100 CLR T2 ROF Raid gear, some T3, 9.25k aa, Epic 2.0. Tons of RKIII spells etc.. $$ Offer.


P.S More details for those with serious interest only.
Not open for further replies.

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