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WTS ENC 100/9300AA, BRD 100/7200AA, MNK 100/9700AA (1 Viewer)

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Oct 5, 2011
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Looking to sell a few accounts, all characters are on The Rathe Server but can be transferred anywhere. ENC is in VOA raid gear and mostly T4 ROF group gear, has augs, epics, progression etc. The bard is strictly in T4 ROF Group armor with full augs, spells, No Epic, A few Raid weapons from ROF. The Monk has mostly ROF raid gear T1 and T2, 20 something illusions, full augs, 70 banked AA, epics, mounts i.e whirly thing, flying carpet etc. All accounts are w/o COTF. Looking to get $500 for monk, looking to get $450 for bard and looking to get $450 for enchanter. All prices are negotiable.



P.S Email me for more information, showings, magelo's, whatever..
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