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Something sketchy about this, was sent an inbox yesterday that caused me concern, apparently he gave out details that didn't work without receiving payment.. Then went offline without saying anything. Retracting my offer buy with caution

P.s not intending to shit your thread up bro, you won't reply to my inboxes and just doing the right thing... Post here anything to prove me wrong and I'll remove this :)
I bought the SK from him myself. Now he can't seem to remember the eqemu login to change the password. I've not been cheated yet as I have logged in the account he hasn't changed the password, but it isn't mine until I have the eqemu login and can change the pass. I've taken many screen shots with the account in chat screen to get the account banned if he doesn't come through. I may get cheated but if I can't have it he won't either =D. I'll post if he gives me the eqemu. I will set the record straight if he comes through or if he really can't find the emu login and refunds my money that would also be ok. I'll keep u guys informed.
yeah i talked to him about the mage and he seemed sketchy because he told me he couldn't log in the character to show me he truly has it. I wouldn't buy from this guy.
Rooster I'd ask for a refund now and say you'd be happy to buy again if he finds the info. This guy just sounds too shady and you don't want to wait on these kinds of things.

Thanks for your concern eqisdead. I never went through with the sale because I couldn't get a damn reply from him lol, but I've recieved a pm saying the sale went through and they was on the Mage, would be nice if they could post here for all to see :)
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