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WTS 86 Bard on Drinal (1 Viewer)

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Caveat Emptor: UNVERIFIED
Feb 21, 2013
Rating - 100%
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86 Bard for sale.
1711 AA's.
Almost full HoT gear/weps (Just missing the helm).
Quite a few clickies, including multiple illusions.
Sword of the Void Ornamentation and Umbral Mount.
All songs 50-86
Still have 20+ days of Gold Status.

$50 firm
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Bump, still up for sale. Will accept far less than original asking price, need to move this, just make an offer!
How old is the account?
Are you Original Owner?
Do you accept Paypal?
What expansions are owned?
As far as billing history, how many months have been purchases with CC?
do you have secret password to change?
Verified feedback on account sales?

All these are important questions, depending on your answers I might be interested.
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