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WTS 81 Monk Raid Geared (1 Viewer)

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Apr 19, 2007
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I still play this toon as my main, but money is tight and if the price is right I'll sell it.

I just came back to the game and am catching up on levels, and gear etc, so chances are the toon will be better then what I'm listing him as in a few days.

Level: 81
Race: Iksar
Gender: Male
AA: 2650
Leader AA:HoTT and Health Maxxed
HP: 22k Unbuffed
Clickies: Form of Endur 3, Ancient Power, Might of the Giants, Unliving Ward, Illusionary Spikes, Emerald Jungle Familiar (300+HP), and many Illusions including High Elf.
Weapons: 2 Brumal Fists, both with 3 and 4 Dmg Augs with 100+HP on them. Epic 2.5, Lethar Maul, Vish 2HB, Vergalid Mace (for blunt weapon).
Gear: I retired at the end of TSS once my guild farmed it and beat it for a while. He has Full TSS raid armor, Lethar clickies, and plenty of other goodies. All augs are over 100HP, many are 190+

Extra: Has a few EXP potions.

Price: I can negotiate a fair price.
PM me with a mangelo link or EQ players and or the server please ? I am interested. I would be able to char transfer and change secret question as well eh ?
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