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WTS: 70 SHM 490AA Povar/FV $25 (1 Viewer)

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Caveat Emptor: UNVERIFIED
Nov 7, 2005
Rating - 100%
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Account Type: US
Server: POVAR
Transfer Available: Yes(to FV and Zek for free, others got to pay)
Race: Troll
Level: 70 490AA
Gender: Female
Account Active: Yes , 45 days starting 27/08/2011
Alternate Character(s): 15 Monk with basic Wus on Tunare
Original Owner: No(I bought the account about 6years ago, havent played it for 4 years)
Have Secret Question/Answer: Yes
CD Key Available: No
Amount: $25obo (also, you will most likely want to pay $15.99 to amazon to get all the expansions)

Payment: Paypal or 500k Plat on Firiona Vie
Not open for further replies.

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