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WTS 5 accounts FV Server Tons of toons + gear! (1 Viewer)

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Sep 14, 2007
Rating - 100%
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All on FV server, All Male

Account 1 - $250 - Sold!
95 Sk , 4.5kAA, Lots of HoT/VoA raid gear, 68k hp 6.8kac unbuffed, can request solt raids (epic 2.0), great for box tank or swarm pl'ing
90 Enc - 1.7kaa fully geared 40k hp / mana +

Account 2 - $150
95 Shaman 1250aa, full grandiose set and up gearwise.
91 Mag - 500aa full lucid + gear 45k hp / mana
82 Bard - 120aa misc geared, nothing totally special lot of hand me downs
65 Bst - full time / qvic + geared

Account 3 - $150
95 Monk - 50k hp 1.9k aa VoA/HoT Raid gear + Full grand set
90 Cleric - 700aa
87 Necro - 1.2k aa
85 Zerk - 700aa new addition fully anguish + geared

Account 4 -$100
95 Cleric - Decent gear around 50k hp / mana 1.2k aa
85 Druid - w/1k aa New PL

Account 5 - $250 - sold
95 Ranger - Headshot powerleveling!, 68k hp unbuffed 5.9k aa max defensive aa and bow aa. full spell book including Rk 2. Can Also request the instance version of Cooling Chamber for nice powerleveling non stop! Great XP up to 95.

All Chars come fully geared and fully ready to play in any situation. All have near full spell books. Orig owner of 3 / 5 accounts rest ive owned for a loooonggg time and have all orig info for. This is my whole collection of accounts, Millions and millions in gear to sell on the fv server, and tons of extras per char. Account 3 also includes my mule toon with a full bank of extra gear. Can easily box in any T4 VoA zone, almost all chars come with J5 merc also.

Will Take EQMac Account trades
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