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WTS 5 Accounts each for $100 (1 Viewer)

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Aug 8, 2008
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Great starter EQ accounts for someone looking to Multi-box or to get your RL friends to player and form your own group.

Characters are all bazaar geared and ready for action with all expansions, but very little AA - ranging from 0 - 200 AAs. Characters are on Fennin Ro and are not really known as they have mainly been multi-boxed during casual play.

Acct 1. Shaman 69 (M)/ Wizard 65 (M)
Acct 2. Palidan 66 (M) / Mage 66 (M)
Acct 3. Ranger 68 (F) Epic 1.0/ Necro 66 (F)
Acct 4. Shadowknight 69 (M) / Warrior 62 (M) Epic 1.0 / Cleric (F) 66
Acct 5. Monk 61 (F) / Enchanter 60 (F)

The accounts are set up to play an ALL CASTER group with Healer and Slower or an ALL MELEE group with Healer and Slower. You can mix and match to find the best group outcome for yourself, lots of great possibilities. I had a lot of fun multi-boxing and would easily be able to level all the way to 80 if I played more than casually.

I have had these accounts for 5 years although I am not the original owner, they have been safe and stable.

All characters are on Fennin Ro, not sure on the transfer as some were moved within the past 6 months to all play together.

I will be creating magelo profiles and putting them up on this same post. I would love to sell them all together, but would sell them separately if needed. Not looking to get rich off the accounts, just want someone to make use of them, as I know longer am. You can easily level them and turn around and resell them for a profit also.

Again, these accounts are great for people that want to get started in the game without the hassle and cost of powerleveling but yet not high enough to be a huge learning curve.
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