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WTS 49 magician p99blue and 54cleric with 49 shaman on second account p99blue (1 Viewer)

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Jun 15, 2013
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looking for offers on a geared (all tradeable) gnome mage on p99 blue.
Has spells for level
Int of 218
HP 1008
Mana 2302


has Jboots

some pregress towards epic

has ec mule with about 60k worth of items for sale on him.

second account
54 geared cleric - dark elf
Has most spells to level 59 in book as was sac'ed down previously
wisdom 229
HP 1103
Mana 2507

has etheral mist helm and bp rest of gear tradeable

has jboots

49 stripped shaman ogre
most spells to level

can sell sperately or together
can include up to 80k plat or sell seperately on a first come basis. Plat is $1.50 per

please PM with any offers/questions

I am verified paypal and accepting payment as a gift from same or WU

Looking for $250 stripped for both accounts or $450 for everything. Will consider offers
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