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WTS 3 Fippy Accnts lvl 50 (1 Viewer)

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Feb 28, 2011
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First account is a lvl 50 Monk with RoTLC - all shiverback pieces - Guise - other misc stuff
50 Ranger on the same accnt; Almost full thorny vine minus BP - fbss - djarn ring - HBC - Guise, comes with 60k plat and about another 50k plat worth of gear on the trader toon. Also a lvl 86 Rogue on Drinal, 69 Beastlord.

2nd account is a lvl 50 Wizzie on Fippy, Carmine robe, Helm, Arms, etc int is maxxed at 250.. total badass.

3rd account is a lvl 50 cleric on Fippy has misc stuff full suit, rare healers earring from hate

Looking for $ or trades for p1999 items/accnts
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